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Reach for the Bachelor's Degree!

Having a college degree can open up opportunities for someone to improve the welfare and quality of life. But on the other hand, not everyone in Indonesia have the opportunity to study at university. The high cost of tuition and the necessity to work after high school graduation inhibits a person to become a scholar.

Education Offers

STIA Sandikta offering inclusive education (Inclusive Education) earned an undergraduate business administration and state administration. With little funding for tuition, take time to attend evening lectures STIA Sandikta, round finish final determination, reach a bachelor's degree and are looking for better opportunities.



Why STIA Sandikta

STIA Sandikta registered and accredited BAN-PT. Including healthy PTS category according to criteria Kemristekdikti. National and international networks. Evening class schedule, give students the opportunity explore job opportunities. Affordable tuition fees. The sports facilities, library, and computer lab. Lectures were held in accordance with quality standards.


Online Registration

Please click given link ensure you register to Online Regitstration.


Programs (or rather, Study Program) in STIA Sandikta are:

  1. State Administration
  2. Business administration

Both are the first undergraduate degree program (S-1) with at least 4 years of the study period.


Jl. Raya Hankam No. 208 Jatirahayu Pondok Melati Kota Bekasi 17414. Telp.: 021-846-6569. Faks. 021-8497-2414. Website. stiasandikta.ac.id. Email. stiasandikta@gmail.com

Lecture is Fun!

Lecture at STIA Sandikta it was fun! Full academic activities carried out with a family atmosphere. STIA academic society, as is generally the other educational units in Sandikta, considers that education is a process that must be followed with full sincerity. It is transmitted to the students. The result is that students do not feel that college is a burden but a natural process that grows out of, by, and for the students.

Bachelor Proud!

As a result of a more educational approach weighting in the process, STIA Sandikta produce graduates who are ready to live and work in communities. With the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional honed, graduates STIA Sandikta no longer awkward to work in the real world of business and industry. Be it in government agencies and private companies. STIA Sandikta equip them with a series of courses designed for it.

Solidity of Lecturer

STIA Sandikta reinforced by a solid team of lecturers. Relations between the lecturer takes place in harmony, a sense of kinship. Lecturer is a mutual aid with other lecturers in almost every case, especially in the educational process of students. This encourages students to emulate the behavior of the lecturers so as to bring the harmonious atmosphere conducive lectures and full motivation.